Message from President

Dr. Rajendra Toprani

President – Indian Society of Oncology
Senior Consultant, Head & Neck Surgical Oncologist,
Director, Department of Surgical Oncology
Director, Aastha Oncology Associates,
Director, HCG Cancer Center,
Mobile: +91 9898213214

"If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants" – Sir Issac Newton

Aspiring to be a medical doctor, I achieved it. Serendipity got me first job in a cancer centre Bangalore in 1975. Since then I am wedded to this speciality. The inspiration to be a Cancer Specialist came from those stalwarts who were in the field. My salutation to all of them.

I took over the reigns of our association from Dr. Sanjeev Mishra on 9th April 2022 at the ISO Midterm Conference held at Lucknow. My sincere thanks to each one of our members for giving me an opportunity to serve this organisation.

We have reconstituted the executive committee. The new committee has deliberated on various issues concerning and decided to make it a more dynamic and vibrant organization. Our focus is on collaborative participation where more members actively participate in our association activities. Keeping this in mind we have constituted various sub-committees headed by our senior members whom we empowered to co-opt more members to the committee.

Our association is more than 36 years old and bylaws which was formulated needs major changes. Keeping with the changes that has happened in our field and association related activities, bylaws will be appropriately restructured after due deliberations.

Now that our association has made a name in the national level it is time for us to expand our presence at regional and international levels. So we have decided to enroll ISO as member of UICC. We will take active part in ASCO international committee and in SAARC oncology associations.

At national level ISO has to conduct more and more academic activities hence a separate committee is formed to give us the road map for next 18 months. I request all of our members to take active part in those programs.

We will be joining our ISMPO for conducting our joint conference which is going to be held in Nov 2022. There is one more request from Indian Musculo-skeletal Oncology Society (IMSOS) to associate with them for their upcoming 9th Annual Conference. We will be joining them as academic partner.

It is felt that our association should formulate our vision for the next 10 years and the goals carved out to achieve the same. Our dedicated senior past presidents are requested to formulate the same which will be informed to all our members. This gives the direction to ISO for next 10 years.

Finally, to achieve all the above objectives your active participation is more important. We will review our score board at the end of my term and feel proud that each of us has contributed to the upliftment of ISO.