About Indian Society of Oncology

Tremendous progress has been made in the understanding of the cancer, and more importantly, in the ability to control and cure the disease. This has come about in the last several decades, thanks to improvement in various fields, like surgical techniques, imaging, radiation equipments and our ability to know what is happening at the cellular level...

It is the intention of the Indian Society of Oncology to bring state-of-the-art, cutting edge knowledge in the field of Oncology to the forefront and showcase what is possible today in the world of cancer management. In order to achieve this ambitious goal and impact tremendous educational value to all Oncologists, both junior and senior from all parts of the country, we need to project nationally unified comprehensive approach encompassing all sub-specialities of Oncology under one head.


Dr. Rajendra Toprani

President – Indian Society of Oncology
Senior Consultant, Head & Neck Surgical Oncologist,
Director, Department of Surgical Oncology
Director, Aastha Oncology Associates,
Director, HCG Cancer Center,
Mobile: +91 9898213214
Email: rajendratoprani@hotmail.com