Sir Dorabji Tata Oration
Orators Name Topic of The Oration Year of The Oration
Dr. P P Bapsy, Bangalore Impacting Patient Care Through Four Decades of my Practice in Oncology 2023
Dr. M Vijayakumar, Mangalore Changing trends in the management of cancer In India- A Surgical oncologist perspective 2022
Dr. A K Anand, Delhi Challenges in the management of Head and neck cancers in India: what have we learnt so far 2019
Dr. Gurunath Kilara, Bengaluru In Sight, Innovation and Integration in Radiation Oncology - A Journey of 4 Decades 2017
Dr. Anita Borges, Mumbai Reason, Judgement & Paradox- The place of Evidence, Wisdom and Hypothesis in Oncopathology 2015
Dr. J. N. Kulkarni, Mumbai Radical Cystectomy : Perspectum Permanet Praestantia 2013
Dr. Thangarajan Rajkumar, Chennai Molecular Oncology – Bench to bed-side 2011
ISO Past President Oration
Orators Name Topic of The Oration Year of The Oration
Dr. Sanjeev Misra, Lucknow Nurturing Innovation In Healthcare 2023
Dr. Dinesh Pendharkar, Delhi Learnings from Four Decades of, My Experiments with Cancer 2022
Dr. J K Singh, Patna Redefining the Target in Cancer Management - Indian Perspective 2019
Dr. Harit Chaturvedi, Delhi Institution Building: The Courage to Walk the Talk 2017
Dr. Deepak Parikh, Mumbai 30 Years Journey Through The Third Eye 2015
Dr. E Hemanth Raj, Chennai NA 2013
Dr. R K Deshpande, Mumbai NA 2011
Dr. K S Panda, Cuttack NA 2009
Dr. Sanjay Sharma, Mumbai NA 2007